Replica Quality IWC Watch “Lewis Hamilton” Big Pilot

Replica Quality IWC Watch “Lewis Hamilton” Big Pilot

IWC’s Big Pilot’s watch started in 2002. Big Pilot’s watch has the meaning of classic heritage and modern fashion. Then, let’s meet a replica quality IWC watch released at the end of November 2019.

Quality Replica IWC Watch Lewis Hamilton Big Pilot

IWC Big Pilot IW503002 Background

Quality IWC Replica Watch Lewis Hamilton Big Pilot

IW503002 is a replica quality IWC watch in collaboration with Lewis Hamilton. Before cooperating, he said in an interview that he wanted to cooperate with replica IWC. And in the interview, Lewis Hamilton made it clear that he likes big, heavy, red and mechanical watches. When we saw IW503002, we immediately saw that it was indeed Hamilton’s style.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Replica Quality IWC Watch Lewis Hamilton Big Pilot

If you are a racing fan, you will definitely be proud of Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is the six-time champion of Formula One racing. And his life is not only about the racing. He is also a pioneer in terms of fashion and life. And he has his own opinion on fashion. That’s why this unique replica quality IWC watch was born.

Performance of IWC “Lewis Hamilton” Big Pilot

Design Style

Quality IWC Watch Replica Lewis Hamilton Big Pilot

First, the main color of this watch is the red that Hamilton likes. (Lovely Bordeaux tone) And the strap also uses the same color woven strap. Second, the crown, bottom cover ring, and movement rotor are made of 18K gold. This reflects the luxury of this watch. Then, to make the overall design more harmonious, the replica IWC “Lewis Hamilton” Big Pilot IW503002 uses a black ceramic bezel. Finally, because Lewis Hamilton likes Big Pilot’s watch. So the size of this replica quality watch is 46.5MM.


Seeing the four small circles inside the dial, you will know that this is a fully functional Big Pilot’s watch. The 12-point double moon phase circle shows both the southern and northern hemisphere moon phases. And the accuracy of the moon phases is very high. After 577.5 years, it will only deviate from the lunar orbit for one day. The six o’clock circle shows the month. Then the circle at three o’clock shows the day. So the combination of six and three is the specific date. Finally, the week is displayed at nine o’clock. Then a rectangular window between 7 and 8 o’clock displays the four-digit year. Overall, this replica quality IWC watch has a beautiful and delicate dial.


Quality IWC Watch Lewis Hamilton Replica Big Pilot

As a professional Big Pilot’s watch, Hamilton and Christian Knoop, the creative director of IWC, used NO.52615 movement for it. The NO.52615 movement has amazing accuracy and a 7-day power reserve. But its water-resistant depth is only 60M. Because this is a flying watch, not a diving watch.

Overall, this is indeed a replica quality IWC watch, but the downside is that it only has 100 pieces. Each “Lewis Hamilton” Big Pilot is priced at 52,600 Euros. Even more moved, Hamilton decided to donate the entire cost of the watch to his new charity partner with Comic Relief. Because he wants to help vulnerable young people in Britain and other countries.

So, if you buy this brightly colored Big Pilot’s watch, at the same time you can help more vulnerable young people. Is there any reason why you should not do such a good thing?

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