Replica Full-Featured Rolex Sky-Dweller

Replica Full-Featured Rolex Sky-Dweller

Known for its simplicity and practicality, Rolex, Sky-Dweller should be one of the replica full-featured Rolex watches. There should be a lot of friends who are new to Sky-Dweller who are attracted by its beautiful appearance, but have not yet understood its specific functions. Ok, let’s meet together.

Replica Full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller DATE

This article is based on the replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326939 released in 2012 as a prototype. At the Baselworld Clock & Watch Fair 2012, Sky-Dweller was centrally located and was initially covered by a silk hat. Maybe this mystery makes me particularly impressed with this Sky-Dweller. Not much nonsense, the following describes the features of Sky-Dweller 326939 in detail.

Dual Time Zone

Replica Full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller

I believe everyone can read the local time. Roman numerals and standard three hands indicate local time. Next is the reference time. Obviously, there is a small eccentric dial inside the dial. That’s right, this small dial can show the reference time. What would you ask about pointers? Look at a red inverted triangle below the 12 o’clock position. This triangle points exactly to the Arabic numerals of the eccentric dial. The position of the triangle is the reference time. Replica full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller’s dual time zone function is ideal for people who have worked abroad for a long time. He can set the time of his parents’ city as a reference time, and can estimate whether the parents are sleeping or working. Of course, this function will also be used during the trip.

Annual Calendar

Full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica

In my case, the almanac is one of the most useful features I think. Replica Rolex usually displays the date at 3 o’clock. But replica full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller 326939 can also display the month. There is a concave rectangle above the 12 Roman numerals. These 12 rectangles are used to display the 12 months. For example, the blackened rectangle at one o’clock represents January, the blackened rectangle at two o’clock represents February, and so on. The date in the picture is February 2. You see, is it easy to read the month? Please note that this date function needs to be manually adjusted twice a year. Once in February and once after the end of the year.

Replica Full-featured Setting

Amazingly, all the above functions are set by a crown and a bezel. This gear-shaped bezel is called “Ring Command”. Let’s discuss how to use Ring Command and crown to set it up.

  1. Reference time. Loosen the crown and pull it out. Turn the Ring Command counterclockwise about 100 degrees-about 8:30. Then the second-hand stops and you can adjust the reference time by turning the crown.
  2. Local time. Pull the crown to the same position, and Ring Command rotates about 80 degrees counterclockwise-about 9:30. You can set the local time by turning the crown the same way. Note that you must set the reference time before setting the local time.
  3. Month and date. Loosen and pull out the crown, the bezel rotates 45 degrees counterclockwise-about 10:30. Turn the crown counterclockwise or clockwise to adjust the date forward or backward.
    After setting up the functions, don’t forget to return the Ring Command and crown to the original flavor.

Until now, I still find it very interesting. The replica full-featured Rolex Sky-Dweller can easily set all functions through the bezel and crown. If you want to buy the same full-featured replica watches, you can click here to enter.

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